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Monday, March 03, 2014

Ayurvedic Multipurpose cream- Shatadhauta Ghruta

Shatadhauta Ghrita (100 times washed ghee) is a traditional ayurvedic preparation prepared by washing clarified butter fat (cow ghee)one hundred times with water.

This process transforms the ghee into a soft, cooling, nourishing, silky unguent that is used as a traditional moisturizer and anti-wrinkle skin cream. SDG is a highly concentrated emollient, processed by hand which is excellent for damaged skin as ghee penetrates and nourishes all seven layers of tissue.

A special but very simple ghee preparation is used in numerous skin conditions like burns, wound scars, skin marks, burning sensation; herpes etc. It produces radiant and glowing skin, especially for people with easily inflamed skin. It can be used as a daily face and body moisturizer or for facial massage. Apply it for the hot issues of   skin like sunburn, eczema and rosacea etc.

       Method of Preparation

  • The procedure is very simple.
  • Take appropriate amount of ghee in a shallow copper vessel.
  • Add sufficient quantity of water(preferably cool but not ice-cold) to it and perform a Kneading action as if you are cleaning it.
  • After sometime (around 5-10 minutes) allow the mixture to settle and then drain off the clear water above.
  • Then again add fresh water and continue mixing.
  • Do this procedure for 100 times.
  • The efficacy increases with each washing. 
  • After washing it becomes sookshma and penetrates into skin very fast.
  • (Preferably copper vessel is used to make this preparation as it’s said to have antimicrobial properties.)
  • To enhance the cooling and astringent action of this ointment herbal churnas of Palash, Vata, Udumber, Ashwatha  etc. can be added to it.

      Changes after washing

  • As the 100 times washing is complete, ghee turns to white color.
  • It will be smoother to touch and will have butter like consistency.When you touch it,you can appreciate that it is lot cooler.


  • Collect the SDG from copper vessel and transfer it in a clean tight glass bottle and use as per need.
  • Since this ghee eventually contains some remnant moisture inside,it is not ideal to store it for more than six months.It should be stored in a clean, dry air tight container. Over exposure to air will cause foul smell.
  • In warmer weather, refrigerating this cream is advisable.

      Directions to use

  • Rub a small dab of SDG directly on the affected area.
  • It should be used for external application only.

      Therapeutic properties

  • SDG is widely used for external application for Dahashamana(cooling) property especially for burning wounds.
  • It is also used as a base part for many creams/ointments.
  • It’s excellent for reducing vitiated Vata and Pitta complaints on the skin.
  • Aids in rebuilding of dermal tissue, supporting healing of skin.
  • Soothes pain due to skin irritation.
  • Decreases inflammation.

      General Uses

  • SDG helps to heal burns; minimizes scarring from new wounds; is extremely cooling for pitta skin irritations, such as psoriasis, rosacea, eczema etc.It has calming effect on reddish or burned skin and other minor skin problems.
  • It is an excellent Astringent, Moisturizer, Anti-wrinkle & Cleansing cream. Can be used as a daily moisturizer for the face and whole body.
  • SDG is used to relieve burning sensation, to relieve burn wounds, wound scar,herpes wounds, chicken pox scars, etc.
  • In Ayurvedic leech therapy, after the treatment, to reduce the burning sensation and to check further bleeding, this ghee is applied on the affected area.
  • It can be used to relieve burning sensation after Agnikarma (thermal cauterization) procedure also.
  • In pregnant woman,with unexplained bleeding or spotting, traditionally, it is advised to apply this SDG around umbilicus.

      Point to be noted

  • As it is made of butter it becomes one of the best moisturizers.But if your skin is already acutely oily and your prakriti(constitution) is Kaphaj and your Kapha dosha is vitiated then SDG is  not recommended till vitiation becomes normal.
        Can be also used in following conditions
  • Cracks on feet
  • Cracks and dryness of lips (especially in winter)
  • Anal Fissures
  • External Piles
  • Nappy rash in newborns and babies
  • Chicken pox scars
  • Herpes wounds (visarpa in ayurveda)
  • Burn wounds
  • Dry irritated skin
  • Dermatitis
  • Boils
  • Sunburn
  • Burning sensation of feet (Pada daha)
  • Mouth ulcer
  • Cuts and wounds
  • Pimples
  • Striae Gravidarum etc.


  • It is a common notion that ghee is used only orally.But in ayurveda,SDG is extensively used for skin care externally.
  • This traditional ayurvedic skin cream is completely natural and chemical free. It is the most amazing all purpose health and beauty product everybody should have in their first aid kit.
  • SDG is useful in minor skin conditions,for severe and chronic conditions consult your nearest ayurvedic physician.
        Stay Healthy !



Thanks Vaishali. Is the cream available ready made? If so, where can you buy it?

Vaishali Kamat said...

Yes it's avilable readymade in ayurvedic medical shop otherwise you can also order it online given below are links which can be useful for you...

amit chhabra said...

Vaishali kamat....thank you for this useful information.... Please send Hi to amit.chhabradel from your email. It would be great to discuss few more things with you. Regards
Amit Chhabra Delhi

Vaishali Kamat said...


chandrakant tupe said...

vaishali, you are writing blogs with full information. go ahead writing blogs which are useful to society.25

Vaishali Kamat said...

Thank u so much...

Anonymous said...

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Gayatri Chavan said...

hey hello vaishali..I had one question regarding this blog..I have been suffering from acne since past 2years... I have tired everything... will shata dhauta gritra help me with acne problem?

Vaishali Kamat said...

Pimples can occur due to many reasons like

Blood impurities
Improper menstruation
disturbed sleep/stress
To rule out the root cause in your case u better consult nearby ayurvedic physician....

Shatadhauta ghrita is not applicable in case of oily skin n only external application won't help you need to have internal Rx as per expert advise

Anonymous said...

Can it be used for esophageal ulcers/gastric/duodenal ulcers? Specifically Barretts esophagitis?
Vasant Lad successfully used it for ulceritive colitis with basti at other end of body.
Would just gargling teaspoon of ghee do?

Vaishali Kamat said...

It's good that Dr.vasant lad used it for basti treatment...
As per my view you can use it for mouth ulcer local application,but for esophageal ulcers/gastric/duodenal ulcers you will have to take senior physician advise who has used it in following conditions.

Anonymous said...

Pls help to balance hormonal imbalance during pregnancy ...
Avoiding hairfall

Vaishali Kamat said...

Sure i will post on such topics in near future...Thanks

Raghav Karnani said...

Hello Dr Kamat,
i have colitis and sebhorreic dermatitis on my face. Will this help me?
thank you so much..

sachin khandagale said...

Hello Dr Lamar
I am 40 years old male.I have just started allopathy treatment for my hypertension I want to start ayurvedic treatment can u please guide me

sachin khandagale said...

Sorry It should be Dr Kamat and not Dr Lamar....

Dr.Vaishali Gautam Kamat said...

Mr.Raghav Karnani i will need your email id for further communication...

Dr.Vaishali Gautam Kamat said...

Mr. Sachin khandagale..I will appreciate if you send me your email id to contact you regarding medical advice...

sachin khandagale said...

Dr Vaishali ,my email I'd is

Anonymous said...

Hi dr vaishalk
Can we use mixer while making thus ghee.? And how many minutes we should churn it in mixi
Mala wig

Dr.Vaishali Gautam Kamat said...

Mala Wig
I will not advise you to use the mixer for ghee preparation because of 2 main reasons
1.Kneading action is expected here and if u use mixer it will only do mixing action.
2.Use of mixer may generate some warming action whereas ghee need to be fortified for cooling action
If you find it difficult to prepare in a authentic method than this ghee will be available online.

Chandan arora said...

From where I can buy this creme in delhi? Kindly mention the name of the manufacturing company. Thanks.

Chandan arora said...

From where I can buy this creme in delhi? Kindly mention the name of the manufacturing company. Thanks.

Dr.Vaishali Gautam Kamat said...

Many ayurvedic companies manufacture this cream,so you can select whichever is easily available to you. You can even buy it online on some of the sites like

beaute desastre said...

thank you so uch for the detailed post dr. kamat. it has been very helpful. i wanted to ask you if is it effective for 2nd degree burns and would it help with scar healing? a unfortunate incident with cooker steam has left me with bad marks on my right hand and i m getting married in a year, would this help ?

Dr.Vaishali Gautam Kamat said...

Sorry to hear about your incident. Shatadhauta ghruta will do wound healing completely. When did the incident happen? If possible email me the pic of affected part to guide you further. My email id is

Celeste Munford said...

Can the water from the first few washings be used for anything?


Mruthyunjaya said...

Dr Vaishali Gautam Kamat,I am diabetic and I have diabetic neuropathy on my upper side of the foot. I have burning sensation especially during night obstructing my sleep for many nights. I tried many allopathy even homeo medicines but no results. Will this shadadoudha grith application on my burning foot top give complete relief ? for your information, some years back I had a small patch of cellulite problem on my left foot ankle , it is completely cured.will this aggravate again if ,I use this s d gritha. I am diabetic since ,30 years fully under control. I need your advise, if you kindly suggest any better medicine for foot burning I will be grateful.

Anusha said...

Hello Doctor,
Can saffron,silver bhasma and gold bhasma added to this SDG for more glowing skin?Also can you tell me the recipe and where to buy pure bhasmas?

Meera said...

Hello mam... I am 32 years old. I have some skin disease since last 4 years. I am having dark spots all over face and neck and hands in sun exposed areas only. I have tried allopathy, ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines but none of them are working. One of my relatives suggested to apply SDG in affected areas. Plz guide will it help?

Martine Munnik said...

Dear Dr. Vaishali Gautam Kamat,

I would like to ask something about producing Shata-Dhauta-Ghrita. Should I use distilled water? I'm from the Netherlands and it isn't available here (only chemicly-treated)Or could I use tap water instead? In the Netherlands tap water isn't filtered with chlorine and drinkable. Or should I just use spring water?
Another question I have is: can I savely applie the Shata-Dhauta-Ghrita around the delicate eye-area? I made a stupid mistake a few days ago; I applied a great amount of a wrong facial mask around my eyes and on my face and it dried out my skin...I am a bit afraid now..

I am very interested in Ayurveda, I'd like to learn more!
Thank you very much,

Yours sincerely,

Martine Munnik

Dr.Vaishali Gautam Kamat said...

Celeste...I would not recommend to use the washed water.

Dr.Vaishali Gautam Kamat said...

Mr Mruthyunjaya sir i would recommend you to consult nearest ayurveda doctor as your case looks very chronic.

Dr.Vaishali Gautam Kamat said...

Anusha... i would not advise to add any bhasma in the SDG preparation.

Dr.Vaishali Gautam Kamat said...

Meera you can try using SDG for your problem !

Dr.Vaishali Gautam Kamat said...

Martine..As we are using SDG for external use type of water used doesn't matter much but if spring water is available to you,i would prefer that.Secondly yes you can use SDG around your eyes but avoid putting it into the eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Where Can I get Pure cow ghee/butter in Melbourne?

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Vani said...

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Unknown said...

Mam ,doing it practically ,do we really beed to wash it 100 times? Because , doing it 10-15 times make the griht sookshma

Sandeep rawat
3rd year BAMS student of MJF Medical College of Ayurveda , Jaipur.